The Empowered Parent Podcast

Schooling Options - S5E4

April 6, 2018

Chris, Ryan, and Kayla are joined by Allison Highton. Allison, along with her husband Russ, is an Empowered to Connect parent trainer in New Jersey. Allison works with Miriam's Heart, a non-profit adoption ministry that radically supports families who take action on behalf of adoptive and foster children.

The group discusses various schooling options for our kids from hard places, from public to private to homeschooling.

Is your adopted or foster child in public school? You should know what an IEP is, and be your kid's biggest advocate. They also talk about being flexible on the home front after kids get home from school.

Back to School: Teachers are Important

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Music: "Home" by Moses Uvere

Produced by Dallas Stacy

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